Collaboration with Google, Huawei ... Gmail, Google Maps do not write

Collaboration with Google, Huawei ... Gmail, Google Maps do not write
Last week, Huawei, which the US Department of Commerce (DoC) put on its list of suspended companies, decided to suspend hardware, software support and transactions, except that it was publicly available through open source licenses, citing an unidentified source, Time).

Huawei said it will only use the public version of Android, blocking access to Google-run apps such as Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube, and stopping Android OS updates. The Android OS is an open-source project that anyone can use for free, but Google requires a contract with Google to use Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube and the Chrome browser. Currently, apps installed on Huawei smartphones do not go through Google, so you can continue to use them and get updates. But Android OS, security updates are limited. Huawei smartphones will be released later, Google Maps, Google, such as the app will be served by Google will be missing.

How much will Huawei be able to avoid the mouth. First of all, damage in the Chinese market may be minimal or irrelevant. Google mobile apps are already banned in China. Instead, IT companies like Tencent and Baidu are offering alternative mobile apps. It is a European user who is expected to be rather uncomfortable. The US Department of Commerce, Google's official position on the Reuters report is not yet available.

The US Department of Commerce has long been investigating Huawei for alleged violations of sanctions against Iran.

Rung Jeong, Chairman and CEO of Huawei, has been instructed to develop alternative OSs from 2012 on the assumption that the worst possible situation that can not be used is Android. In March, when US pressures on Huawei grew worse, Richard Yu Cheng-Dong Huawei, senior vice president of mobile, said in an interview with the German press, "We prepared our own operating system. If we can not use the system (Android) I will put it into practice. " Huawei has already prepared its own OS for smart phones and PCs. We can not confirm the completion, but it seems clear that we have been preparing for a long time.

Damage to hardware in Huawei is not likely to be significant right away. In anticipation of this situation, Huawei has stockpiled a considerable amount of stock of core components and secured its own chip technology, strengthening its collaboration with local Chinese companies. On the other hand, there is an analysis that the fact that it can not deal with Huawei, which is the second largest smart phone sales volume after Samsung, can cause a considerable decrease in sales to US companies.

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